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2017-06-13 Agenda-Annual Meeting of Homeowners

Annual HOA Meeting of all Homeowners
Tuesday; 2017-06-13' 6PM-8PM
Sonoma Elementary School;
4201 Northrise Dr,
Las Cruces, NM 8800

  • Nominate a chair for the meeting.
  • Nominate a secretary for the meeting.
  • Confirm we have a quorum of 78 votes (homes or lots) either in person or by proxy.
  • Nomination and election of new members to the HOA Board of Directors. Bylaws require we elect one new board member but we could elect three.
  • Items for discussion:
    • Proposal to reschedule the November garage sale a few weeks earlier to avoid the daylight savings time change weekend.
    • Proposal to crate a December Holiday Lighting contest.
    • Pool discussion on pool temperature;  How the pool is opened, closed, and maintained.