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Welcome Pueblos Residents!
The Pueblos at Alameda Ranch Association (TPARA) for Phases 1 and 2
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GATES....Why are the Pueblos gates open on windy days....(portion of letter from Kevin Tillery at Apex)

We have installed two wind sensors that their primary function serves as a back up to the High Winds Schedule. This year's weather has been extremely unusual with the speeds and frequency of the high gusting winds. We look at the weather report and high winds warning on a daily basis and have used the schedule to try and protect damage from the gates and to vehicles and pedestrians. We believe that the safety of your home owner's is the number one priority and using a wind sensor alone may not have a fast enough response if a gust comes up and slams a gate on vehicle or person in the area of a gate. We understand that the gates may be open when the wind may not be gusting however, the time schedule is based upon the National weather forecast. (complete letter is under "The Pueblo News")

POOL....Read the Pool Rules on POOL RULES 7.15.19


Management Company:  HOAMCO Management Company for The Pueblos...Click on HOAMCO INFORMATION

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