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Welcome to the Pueblos at Alameda Ranch!

Welcome Pueblos Residents!


The Annual Meeting of Homeowners will be held on
Tuesday, June 12 from six P.M. to eight P.M at
The First Baptist Church
4201 N. Sonoma Ranch Blvd.   

Our goal is to make this an informative and productive meeting. We ask that you submit questions and issues in advance, if possible, so we may address them at the meeting.  Homeowner’s will each have one minute at the meeting itself to state a question or concern, they will be recorded and followed up after the meeting is ended but submitting ahead of time will keep the meeting time down, and get your answers quicker. Click here to submit a question or issue prior to the annual owner’s meeting

Please call the management company at  575-521-0812 if you have any questions or concerns.

Add Your Name to the Ballot for Board of Directors: Board members serve three year terms. The board typically meets every 1-2 months at various locations. These meetings are open to the public and the agenda is posted on the website with topics to be discussed and location/time for the meeting. Board members decide policy and budget issues with the professional management company executing. Below is a link to submit your name to the ballot. Personal information will not be shared with the homeowners. Only your name and why you wish to serve.

Voting by proxy: If you cannot attend the annual meeting in June, you can make your voice heard (and help us meet the minimum representation necessary for a quorum) but assigning someone as you “proxy” to vote your wishes. Properties held in a trust must submit both a proxy form and a certificate of appointment.


If this is your first visit, please register as a homeowner so you can browse through the information provided.

Here you'll find the latest information concerning The Pueblos at Alameda Ranch Association (TPARA) for Phases 1 and 2.

For maintenance, covenant violations, or any other issue: 
Report an Issue to Real Estate Manager used for

  • Report a violation
  • Request service
  • Submit an idea

To request approval of new construction, modification, or change of house color:
Design Control Committee Review Request used for

  • New construction
  • Change to existing property
  • Repainting (including same color)
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Landscaping
Click here to submit a new event for the community calendar. 

Prospective renters/owners or general questions, please visit the Contact Us page so that we can direct you to the correct help. 


Phase 3 is a separate corporation.  Click here if you would like the Pueblos 3 website.