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Thinking of Moving or Retiring to
Southern New Mexico?

And why wouldn't you be? Repeatedly ranked among the top retirement areas in the country, Las Cruces offers residents and visitors day after day (after day) of sunshine, plus a rich cultural tradition.

Certainly its sunshine would have influenced AARP's selection of Las Cruces as one of its “dream towns” for retirement (1996). “Money” magazine likes us, too, naming Las Cruces one of the best college towns in which to retire (2005).

If you're ready to make a move, whether or not for retirement, why not consider Southern New Mexico? Las Cruces (and the Pueblos) can and do accommodate a wide range of ages and lifestyles.

Outdoor Activities
Our position at the foot of the scenic Organ Mountains in Southern New Mexico offers stunning views from all over town—and our sunsets must be seen to be believed. (Yes, we all spend a lot of time on our terraces and patios.)

Like to hike? Then you’ll appreciate the many hiking trails here; you might even find a hiking groups that suits you, for they flourish in Las Cruces. And let’s not forget White Sands—an astonishing experience for both hikers and drivers alike.

If golf’s more your thing, please note that Las Cruces enjoys quality golf courses located at Sonoma Ranch, Picacho Hills, Red Hawk and New Mexico State University. Tennis courts, too, are in ample supply.

Our weather? Not bad, with winter daytime temperatures generally hovering in the 50s and 60s. Fall and spring tend to range in the 70s and 80s, while summer temperatures often reach 95 and sometimes above. Summer can be toasty in Las Cruces, but you get used to it.

Besides its beautiful weather, Las Cruces enjoys a widely varied tradition and culture. Here, Hispanic, Native American, and Anglo influences mingle freely. Don't miss our annual chili festival—and the Big Enchilada fiesta. The Renaissance Faire is always a lot of fun, too.

And don't forget Railroad Days, an annual event hosted by our Railroad Museum and countless volunteers. This year, you can tour the "new" century-old caboose. And you certainly wouldn't want to miss the Farm and Ranch Museum, with its fascinating exhibits and and "Cowboy Days" activities. Click here for information on other museums in Las Cruces.

Musicians, artists, and actors contribute heavily to the Las Cruces cultural environment, and for decades artistic, musical, and theatrical events have proliferated here. We have museums of all description, as well. Lots to see and do in Las Cruces, including our own balloon festival every January.

Very close by, you’ll find historic Old Mesilla, rich in its own history and tradition. Hanging out in its charming plaza and shops, you can encounter visitors from all over the world.

But it’s a frequent destination for Las Cruces locals, as well. Be sure to allow some time there yourself when you come to check us out.

Have lunch at La Posta, a favorite of tourists and residents alike. Stroll through the shops, sit for a while in the plaza... Click here to take a virtual look at just one of Mesilla's charming venues. There are many, many others as well.

Health Care
Las Cruces is home to several medical centers, including Mountain View Regional Medical Center—which offers a wide range of services. Click the link to take a closer look at this hospital: Mountain View. And just down the road from Mountain View is the Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico.

Our other large hospital, Memorial Medical Center, also offers a wide range of services. Click here for more information. Adjacent to Memorial is the South Facility of the University of New Mexico Cancer Center.

Many aging adults are unaware of the available care options and programs that can help them maintain their independence and quality of life. So we created a free resource that provides comprehensive information on topics like financial support and in-home care options that are available in their area.

Higher Education
The site of New Mexico State University, Las Cruces benefits from the diversity, entertainment, and learning opportunities that a local campus can provide. We benefit as well from Dona Ana Community College, which offers a wide range of community-education classes in addition to its regular curriculum.

Where to Live
How about the Pueblos? Although Las Cruces offers many affordable housing options, we suggest that you also visit the Pueblos at Alameda Ranch.

Here, you can still find many view lots—and until you see the Organs at sunset, you won't completely understand the charm of Las Cruces. You can also still find comfortable and attractive homes ready-built in the Pueblos. Moreover, we can offer you an interesting community and a kid-friendly (swimming pool!) and dog-friendly environment.

Why not pay us a visit? And do check back from time to time, because one of these days we'll have a page focusing on Pueblos Living. Hope to see you there, because the Pueblos might be just the place for you.